Hi, I'm
Joel Jensen.

A self taught programmer
who enjoys

About me

Born and raised in Sweden, Skåne. Currently 18 years old, but I guess that will change soon. Besides programming in my spare time I spend a lot of time at the gym and sometimes I take out the camera for a time lapse.

In 9:th grade I decided that I’m going to learn how to program. One year later I released my first app Dice (a dice simulator for boardgames), with the help from Google, YouTube and Stack Overflow. The latest and greatest news is that I'm now a business owner, Citrea Media.

For the general public:

I know a bit of everything within IT and electronics. Everything between websites, apps and games to editing photos and film.

For nerds:

I have knowledge in HTML & CSS, Java (Android), Javascript, jQuery, SQL and PHP.

But is also familiar with Swift, Illustrator, Arduino and Photoshop.

Picture of me
Citrea Media logo

My projects

Dice on Google Play

Dice was my first public launched project and is a free app on Google Play. It's written in Java with the android SDK.

Go look at it!

Sörby BoIS is a local weightlifting club. The website is mainly written in HTML and CSS but there's also some jQuery and PHP.

Go look at it!

Snidadtro (Carved beliefs) is a website about the Christian beliefs with a custom made PHP CMS in the background.

Go look at it!

Receptguiden is a website which collects recipes. It was a school project from the beginning and is my largest project to this date.

Go look at it!

Time lapse

Contact me

Don't hesitate to contact me. I might not have time for a new project at the moment but you never know.